Natural Dyeing with the Logwood Tree

The Logwood Tree seems to be responsible for some of people’s favorite herbal dyed colors! From it’s naturally rich purples, to maroons, blues, grays, browns and even black- the colors are vibrant and absolutely magical 💜

There are some things about Logwood that are important for creator AND the buyer to know!

The Logwood Tree (Haematoxylum campechianum) aka Bloodwood is native to Mexico, Central America and the West Indies. It has been used throughout the past centuries in Europe to dye fabric and paper, due to the strong stain that it contains called haematoxylin. Logwood is surprisingly part of the pea/legume family and has been used for its astringent properties 💜

The dye haematoxylin is very similar to brazilin from brazilwood- both dyes tend to be more pH sensitive and lightfast! I try to communicate very clearly to potential buyers that Logwood in particular can take a little more care. It is important that artists and buyers understand that herbal and natural dyes can act quite differently from one another. Some like Indigo don’t even need a mordant to set properly (although I took that step anyway and that color holds SO WELL!)

For underwear in particular, I tend to avoid using Logwood because of its pH sensitivity. Natural female discharge has a tendency to strip color quite quickly! Logwood can also lose color through extended sun exposure, sweat and pH changes like vinegar/acidity. BUT THERE IS SOME MAGIC TO IT! Even extreme color changes from spills have the chance to be reversed with a proper wash- the more immediate the better! I have been astonished to see colors completely reverse after accidents! And remember that herbal dyers can always dye the fabric again to cover any mishaps that may occur 💓

The worthiness of Logwood as a dye truly depends on who you ask! If you ask me, it is a fantastic option if you understand how to take care of it. The colors that can be created using this remarkable tree are out of this world! Below are just some of the magic that I’ve gotten from Logwood Tree extracts!

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